Experience the Fun-Filled Lucha Super Party Live!

Since 2002, CHIKARA has been an innovator, bringing its unique, family-friendly flavor of professional wrestling to a global fan base. CHIKARA has reached millions of fans in more than 40 countries across 19 seasons of action by combining a tried-and-true live touring schedule with the first of its kind, state-of-the-art video-on-demand and subscription service. CHIKARA has fostered an interactive, culturally diverse, fan-engaging experience they affectionately call "the Fun-Filled Lucha Super Party."

Upcoming Events

  • Young Lions Cup XV - Double Header

    “Young Lions Cup XV - Double Header”

    Live from The Wrestle Factory

    One Ticket Gets You Access to Both Events!

    The 15th Young Lions Cup tournament returns - and for a limited time, if you purchase your ticket, you get access to both the 1st Stage at 3PM and the 2nd Stage at 7PM.

    Two full events, one ticket, one full tournament featuring the rising young lions from across the

  • Once Upon a Beginning

    “Once Upon a Beginning”

    Live from White Eagle Hall

    CHIKARA Joins The Collective in Jersey City - Join CHIKARA's Lucha Super Party.

    More information coming soon - however, tickets are on sale now!

  • Fright Knight

    “Fright Knight”

    Live from Pocono Mountain West Junior High School

    CHIKARA returns to the Poconos with "Fright Knight" at the Pocono Mountain West Junior High School! We'll be joined by special guest stars The Hurricane, Shazza McKenzie and The Patriot!

    Kids 12 & under receive a FREE General Admission seat with a paid adult, as they enter for the event (1 adult ticket = 1 child admitted free.)

  • The Infinite Gauntlet 2019

    “The Infinite Gauntlet 2019”

    Live from The Wrestle Factory

    The Infinite Gauntlet returns to the WrestleFactory! The Infinite Gauntlet is a massive battle royale that sees 33 competitors enter the ring, each 88 seconds apart! They fight until just one is left in the ring, and that wrestler captures a "Golden Opportunity"! Past winners of the Infinite Gauntlet include Hallowicked (Season 16), Dasher Hatfield (Season 17), Solo Darling (Season 18) and Danjerhawk (Season 19.)

    Who will leave with a Golden Opportunity for the Season 20 Infinite Gauntlet?

  • Aniversario: The Apes of Wrath

    “Aniversario: The Apes of Wrath”

    Live from White Oak Athletic Association

    It's been a VERY long time since we've come anywhere near the Steel City - but to mark our Aniversario on May 25th, we're heading to White Oak and we hope to see you there!

  • Scotch Mist

    “Scotch Mist”

    Live from Logan Square Auditorium

    The windy city becomes CHIKAgo once more as CHIKARA returns to Logan Square Auditorium for Scotch Mist!

    More details TBA.

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